Chris growing up and family:

He grew up building snow forts in the wintertime and swimming in the river in the summers.  He is very close to his family. He has one older brother, Jackson. Chris’s mom used to read to Chris and Jackson over breakfast on cold winter mornings in North Dakota. Chris has always loved to read, and love reading to our family during meals now, too! Chris moved to NYC when he was 18 to go to college at NYU, where he studied theater. After graduation, he performed as an actor for 7 years.  He worked with a theater group that travelled around the world performing, performing in different theater festivals. When Chris was in New York, he always worked in odd jobs to make a living.  He worked as a barista, as a personal assistant, and finally, for many years, he worked in the emergency room at a hospital.  He liked helping people and the busy atmosphere.

Then Chris went to law school, and now he is an immigration attorney.  It’s important to him to help people, and he loves meeting people from other countries and cultures.

As a family we love to read together, have dance parties in the living room, and play outside.  We go to music, gymnastics and swim classes with Morgan, and she loves to paint at home.  We would be so excited to support your child’s interests, as well!

Raf’s mom has taken care of Morgan since she was six months old, and they have an extremely special relationship.  Morgan has grown up speaking Spanish and loving Latin food.  Raf’s sisters and brother love being tias and tio, and love spending time with Morgan.  Because we have close family so nearby, we’ve never once had a babysitter!  Morgan has grown up in a loving, supportive, and open environment. 

Raf’s thoughts on Chris:

I love Chris for his kindness, intelligence and his playful sense of humor. I realized early on in our relationship that I wanted to spend my life with Chris but, we waited and dated for 2 years before we moved in together. We didn’t have very many belongings at the beginning and built our “grown up lives” from scratch together. We bought our first couch, made our first thanksgiving, bought our first Christmas tree and brought home our cats Tony and Lil’ Miss during that year. We spent our first New Year’s Eve at home with Tony and Lil’ Miss, who were 3-month-old tiny kittens at the time, since we just brought them home on that day. It was quiet and probably one of the most perfect New Years.

One of the most amazing things about Chris is also his patience. He is calm and attentive and has all the qualities that make him a great dad.

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Chris has one older brother, Jackson, who is a nurse aenesthestist in Boston.  Chris’s Dad, Tim, and step-mom, Pam, live on a houseboat in Seattle, Washington. Chris’s parents love being grandparents, and they cannot wait to meet their new grandchild!  Jackson is  an amazing uncle who can’t wait to play with his new niece or nephew!  Chris’s parents are retired and they visit NYC often  to be near their grandchild!  Chris’s extended family is very close, and they are all excited to welcome a new member of the family!  Chris’s cousin adopted one of her children from Korea.  There are lots of cousins that would love to play with our child! 

We have known for many years that having a family would be an important part of our lives. We want to share our family’s love and our excitement about the world with your child. We loved growing up with siblings, and we want Morgan and your child to be able to love and support each other as we do with our siblings. 

We hope this has helped you learn a little bit about us. We would love to learn about you, your hopes and expectations for your child, and anything else you’d like us to know. 

Or you can call our adoption attorney. She’s very easy to talk to! We look forward to hearing from you!

WIth Love,
Raf and Chris

Thanks for taking the time to learn about us. Please call toll free 1-800-990-7667 anytime or email at to learn more about us.

Hello! We’re Raf and Chris

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us!  We’re honored that you would consider us for this big life decision, and we would love to meet you to answer any questions you might have.

Family is important to Raf, and it’s always been a dream of his to have one. He grew up surrounded by lots of aunts, uncles and cousins who all lived in the same neighborhood, so family was always close by. Sunday dinners, birthday and holiday celebrations were always a 15-minute walk away from home and there was something always going on.

Raf’s love for music led him to discover the violin, which he played until he was in college. He was very close to pursuing a musical career in high school but decided to attend college at the School of the Visual Arts in New York City. 

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Expenses Paid

Valid Home Study Approved

Every Thanksgiving, Chris’s aunt brings up the time when Chris was staying with her and colored with crayons on her refrigerator door, making “art.”  We love to bringing our family  to the Thanksgiving weekend, and we know that Chris’s family is so excited to welcome a new addition (and a playmate for Braeden and Sofia!).

Every Christmas Eve, we go to Raf’s mom’s apartment in Manhattan, with Raf’s siblings. Christmas is very important to Raf’s mom, and every year she decorates a tree to the nines, with ornaments and glitter and tinsel. It even rotates around and sparkles in the light.  Raf’s mom makes amazing Latin food. She is from Ecuador and she moved to NYC when she was sixteen. She raised four kids in Manhattan, and take care of our daughter Morgagn now. She’s a strong woman.

Friends and Family:

We love to hang out with friends and be social.  We love having people over for dinner and hanging out at friend’s houses, but we also like to be active, taking hikes, going to the beach and even traveling with friends.  We visit our families often for meals and get togethers.

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Why we want a child:

This is our dream! We have known for many years that having a family would be an important part of our lives. We want to share our family’s love and our excitement about the world with your child. We loved growing up with siblings, and we want Morgan and your child to be able to love and support each other as we do with our siblings.

We plan to grow our family in Brooklyn, surrounded by family and friends in a loving home.  We know our extended families will be so excited to welcome a new addition!  We love exploring the world, seeing things through a child’s eyes, and helping share new experiences with a child.   We love to cook and bake, and we are adventurous eaters, and we share that love of food with our family.  Because travel is important to us, we would love to share those experiences as family, as well.  There are so many exciting places in the world to visit, and we can’t wait to visit them as a family, sharing our sense of adventure and excitement in the world.  Your child will have an amazing big sister, close family nearby, and many friends and “cousins” through our friends’ kids, who we see regularly.  We imagine going for big group picnics with all the kids playing tag nearby, or everybody going sledding in the park in the wintertime after first snow.

Adopting Our Daughter Morgan

We received the greatest gift of our lives when we were chosen to be the dads of our daughter Morgan, who was born in December 2017.  We are so lucky her mom chose us. We had chatted over text and phone. We connected immediately talking about music and family, and Morgan’s name was her Mama’s suggestion! When she went into labor, we rushed to Dallas right away!

We have an open relationship with regular contact with Morgan’s mama through text, Facetime and visits.  We told her that she will always be Morgan’s mama. We talk about her often with Morgan, and the most important thing to us is that Morgan will grow up knowing how loved she is by her Mama and by her Dada and Papa (and all the rest of her big family!).

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About Us:

We have been together for fifteen years, and having a family together has always been important to us!  We live in Brooklyn and have two cats, Tony and Lil Miss. Our friends and family are so excited to welcome a new member to the family!

Travel and Vacations:

Chris, Raf and Morgan love to travel together. They love to explore new places, including other countries.    They love exploring new cultures, seeing new sights and having new adventures (and especially eating good food!).

We also love to travel with family, and we can’t wait to take trips with your child, as well!

Raf’s favorite aunt was born on New Year’s Eve, and every New Year’s Eve she throws a big party for the family.  She cooks delicious food all day long, and the house always smells so amazing when we arrive.  Everyone gets dressed up and we eat the great food and stay awake until midnight to wish Tia Loli a happy birthday and welcomed the new year.  We can’t wait to bring your child to the party, too, because we know how excited everyone will be to hold him or her.  When he or she is older, we know she or he will be so excited to get to stay up so late with the adults!

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Absolute Devotion Awaits Your Baby

Our wedding

We got married after being together for almost 10 years.  We decided to get married because we wanted to be married to be ready to adopt.  At the wedding, we made the big announcement to our friends and family, who were so excited and supportive. 

Our wedding party took place near Prospect Park, very close to where we live. Our friend Matt took many of the pictures on the day of the event. 

Chris’s thoughts on Raf:

Raf is my life partner and the love of my life.  He is an amazing father, who is so tender, thoughtful, and funny.  He is also a very talented artist and graphic designer, and we have some of his artwork hanging in our house When we first were falling in love, I asked Raf if he wanted to have kids someday. I was excited when he said YES!

That was almost 15 years ago, and a lot has changed in our lives, but we’ve always known that we would want to have kids.  Raf is a great dad.  He is thoughtful and sweet and funny, and he is a good listener.  He takes good care of the people that he loves and he always wants the best for them. He is intuitive and understanding, and comes up with fun, creative ways to play. He makes up goofy songs in the mornings to sing to our family. His songs always make me laugh, even if I want to keep sleeping.

Raf on Growing up and Family:

Raf is a native New Yorker. He is the eldest of four children and is very close to his two sisters, Cathy and Emily, and his baby brother Gabriel. They are all very excited to be aunts and uncle to their new niece or nephew. They are a close-knit family, and Emily and her husband have a son, Wes, who is almost 1 year old.  We meet up with them almost every weekend.

Growing up in New York City allowed Raf to develop a love for art, music and cultures from all around the world. Weekends were spent discovering museums, playing in parks and gardens, and attending Sunday school, karate lessons, and music lessons, which he loved. Raf’s mom encouraged he and his siblings to always pursue their passions and interests and introduced him to the piano when at 8 years old.

Raf is a designer and Creative Director at a branding agency in New York City. He decided to pursue a career in graphic design while studying in Madrid, Spain during his Sophomore year of college. Living in Spain was a spontaneous adventure that he took with his best friend, Eva. His love for music, art and pop culture led him to begin his career in magazine design by interning at places like Fortune Magazine and Teen People.

He graduated in 2002 and received his first professional job with one of his favorite film directors, Baz Luhrmann, designing for his opera debut, La Boheme on Broadway. It was a dream job and he got to work with Oscar-winning actors and designers from New York and Australia.

Please call/text anytime 1-800-990-7667

Please call/text anytime 1-800-990-7667

We met at a party through friends.
We love kids and always knew that we wanted to be Dads. Since we fell in love, we expressed our desire to have a family. We are so excited to adopt, and we are so excited to meet you.

Our mutual friends introduced us at a party in the Bronx when we were 25, and we have been together ever since, through many life changes.  When we first met, Chris was an actor and Raf was a graphic designer. Our lives have changed a lot since then!  Now, Chris is a successful immigration attorney and Raf is a creative director at a branding agency. 

We’ve grown together during that time.  We are financially secure, and we are emotionally and logistically ready to make your child the center of our world.

Our neighborhood in Brooklyn has lots of children. Our home overlooks a courtyard where the neighborhood kids play, ride tricycles, jump rope and draw with chalk on the cement. We picture ourselves down there before dinnertime, drawing pictures or running through the grass with your child and the neighborhood friends.

​We live a few blocks away from Fort Greene Park, one of the most beautiful parks in Brooklyn. 

Holidays and Celebrations:

We usually spend Thanksgiving with Chris’s family.  We all gather in Virginia at Chris’s aunt’s house.  She lives in a big house in the woods.  While we are there, we all eat (a lot), talk (a lot), and take nice long walks on the country roads.  Everybody in Chris’s family loves to play cards and scrabble together.  Everyone sits around talking and playing games and catching up.  Chris’s cousin and his wife live right next door with their kids, Braeden and Sofia.  Usually there are at least 12 people at Thanksgiving!  It’s a very busy weekend, and everyone is talking pretty much the entire time.  Chris’s family likes to goof around and tease each other about silly things from when we were growing up. 

Please call/text anytime 1-800-990-7667

Please call/text anytime 1-800-990-7667